Beyond the Calamity


It's been a a few hundred years – no one can rightly count, in the wake of the destruction. The world was rent, the planes tore open and blood rained down from heaven as seas boiled. Mortal and God alike bled, then, and we all suffered for it. Nobody rightly knows what happened to make it so, but mark my words—somebody somewhere did something foolish, and the world paid for their pride. That's the way of things.

Between the Calamity and now, we've risen up again. We came out of hiding after a time, and then started lookin' for what was lost. Magic, crafts, history – it's all gone, though we're sure it's just waitin' out there to be found somewhere. Waiting for someone to dig it up, dust is off, and lift to the light again. The elves are sending envoys out from their twisted Green Glens, the dwarves are opening up their caverns. Goblins and orc outriders come from their new cities, claiming lands human men and women once built. Tiefling born come out of some unions, but we're learning to deal with the touch of the planes on our people.

So – we've found ourselves in a changed world, with new rules, new Gods who hear our prayers in the dark and promise they won't fail us like the last ones. They don't ask much of us, but a God can't do nothin' for you if you pray to him first. They need us as much as we need them.

Now? We need you. We need your stout sword arm to guard us, we need your faith to shield us, we need your magic to pierce the veil for us. Hell, we wouldn't mind your clever hand sliding into the ruins and stealing us back some riches for us.

How about it? You in to make some coin, give a little back to the people? Or you gonna hit the wastes between the pockets of civilization and just make a name for yourself? Whatever you do – best get to it. The world ain't getting any safer the longer you sit here, listenin' to me prattle.

Beyond The Calamity